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Chief employee of technical construction preparation

Main job focus

  • from the point of view of protecting the interests of road management, assess and comment on preparatory, project and land-use planning documentation for roads II. and III. classes,
  • to coordinate the intentions of SÚC PSK related to the development of roads with the intentions of other investors, if they relate to the fulfillment of tasks within the scope of the activity according to this article,
  • ensure the development of all types of road documentation in accordance with the internal standards of the organization, except for the documentation of the actual execution of the construction,
  • to ensure the harmonization of the opinions and requirements of the concerned authorities and organizations related to the preparation of road construction,
  • ensure all documents necessary for the issuance of territorial decisions on the location of road construction and construction permits, including property-legal documents for road construction,
  • perform investment control activities in the construction process based on the instructions of a superior employee,
  • prepare tender documents for public procurement of investment plans and related activities.

Applicant requirements and other criteria

  • PC skills ( Word, Excel, Outlook, internet),
  • control over budgets, the CENKROS program is an advantage,
  • knowledge of construction legislation,
  • time flexibility, communication skills, independence and integrity.

Qualification prerequisites

  • University, secondary school, technical education,
  • professional qualification construction manager, construction supervision an advantage,
  • 3 years of experience in the field,
  • driver license group .B.

List of required documents:

  • request with contact details of the applicant,
  • professional resume and motivation letter,
  • affidavit of practice,
  • proof of education achieved,
  • the applicant’s consent to the processing of personal data for the purposes of a job interview in the sense of Act no. 18/2018 Coll. on the protection of persons. data and on amendments to certain laws,
  • affidavit of integrity.

Form of remuneration:

In the sense of Act No. 553/2003 Coll. on the remuneration of certain employees for the performance of work in the public interest and on the amendment and addition of certain laws, as amended.

Salary grade:

Starting salary: from €1150.00

Method (form) of selection:

Selection interview before a designated committee.

Date and place of application submission: Delivery date by: 10.12.2022

Delivery address: Administration and maintenance of roads in the Prešov self-governing region, Jesenná 14, 080 01 Prešov

Contact: Contact person (further information):

Dept. personnel – payroll: Mgr. Ivana Olejárová, Tel.: +421 918 477 144, mail: olejarova.ivana@sucpsk.sk, personalne@sucpsk.sk

Selection date:

The date and venue of the selection will be notified in writing to applicants who meet the required prerequisites for the vacant position.

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