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25. February 2022
Did you know that
Daniel Guľaša

ℹ️ The administration and maintenance of roads of the Prešov self-governing region (SÚC PSK) also has the responsibility of managing 5,960 culverts located on the territory of the PSK. The region of Humenné has the largest number (1,490 units), and the region of Vranov nad Topľou has the smallest number (468 units).

👉 These road objects are used to implement, or draining permanent or occasional water flow, including rainwater, under roads with the aim of protecting roadway structures.

👷‍♂️ From the point of view of the construction and technical condition (STS), the SÚC PSK records in its report:

🔹 833 passes in a flawless STS

🔹 4,014 culverts in a compliant STS

🔹 1,011 culverts in non-compliant STS

🔹 2 culverts in an unknown STS

🛠 Approximately 17% of all culverts are in unsatisfactory and unknown condition. SÚC PSK makes every effort to eliminate defects and deficiencies on these culverts. The priority goal of the organization is to ensure their cyclical renewal and modernization through the implementation of construction and reconstruction activities, as a result of which their STS will be improved.

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