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7. July 2022
Daniel Guľaša

After last year’s completion of the reconstruction of road II/558 in the section Stakčín – Ulič, located on the Slovakian-Ukrainian border, the Administration and Maintenance of Roads of the Prešov Self-governing Region (SÚC PSK) decided to continue the modernization of two more sections of this road, namely:

  • Topoľanská crossroad – Kolbasov
  • Kolbasov – crossroad Ruský Potok

The extensive reconstruction will consist not only in the replacement of the damaged wear layer of the road with a total length of more than 3.3 km, but also in the improvement and quality of the road drainage system, through the reconstruction of 15 culverts, their cleaning and the construction of a left-side paved ditch along the entire length of the affected road road section.

To implement the construction works, which will last until July 2023, SÚC PSK will use financial resources from the European cross-border cooperation program Hungary – Slovakia – Romania – Ukraine ENI (HUSKROUA), Slovakia and the Prešov self-governing region. The total construction costs are estimated at 1.1 million. €.

During the implementation of the construction works, traffic restrictions in the form of a partial road closure will apply in the given section. The traffic, which will be led alternately in one lane in both directions, will be regulated by portable traffic signs. Road users must also expect a reduced permitted speed of 30 km/h.

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