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From the life of a road worker #1 ǀ Bridge technical inspections

16. February 2023
Daniel Guľaša

As part of their activity, the employees of SÚC PSK also carry out regular, main and extraordinary inspections of bridge objects under their control.

The purpose of the inspections is primarily to obtain information about the construction and technical condition of the bridge structure and its components. Based on their evaluation, SÚC PSK road workers plan maintenance, repair, or reconstruction and make decisions about traffic restrictions or closures.

In 2023, regional road workers plan to carry out:

  • 1235 routine inspections, during which the operability and operability of the bridge will be monitored mainly,
  • 316 main inspections, the aim of which will be to evaluate in detail the condition of the bridge structure as a whole, and at the same time to check the condition of individual parts of the bridge and its equipment from the point of view of load capacity, service life and functionality of the bridge, as part of road communication.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances (e.g. floods, landslides, accidents of foreign equipment, e.g. pipelines located on the bridge), in which damage occurs, the employees of SÚC PSK will also conduct extraordinary inspections.

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