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From the life of a road worker #3 ǀ Storage of chemical spread material

27. February 2023
Daniel Guľaša

Chemical spread material (so-called spreading salt) is an irreplaceable helper of SÚC PSK road workers in the winter season. It is mainly used as a defroster, or anti-icing agent, which alleviates defects in the passability of roads caused by adverse climatic conditions.

Due to the preservation of the necessary physical properties of the spreading salt, the road workers of the SÚC PSK store it in covered large-volume storage yards, the spaces of which are adapted to the technology ensuring the filling of the material of the spreading vehicles (spreaders).

SÚC PSK currently has 17 yards for chemical spreading material within the region. Only for the period of 2018-2022, the organization reinvested in their repair, reconstruction, or construction of more than 1.7 mil. €.

The photo shows a dump of chemical spread material in the Bardejov area.

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