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Inspection of roads and bridges in the Ľubovnian district

29. September 2022
Daniel Guľaša

Today we visited the second longest bridge in the Stará Ľubovňa district over the Poprad river in the village of Plaveč no. M3072 (3150-001), with a total bridge length of 71 m, which is intended for external diagnostics of selected bridge objects in PSK (together with 13 other bridge objects). This diagnosis should help in more detail to prepare the correct technical documents for the reconstruction of the work.

In the village of Jarabina/Орябина, we checked the road sections that we repaired and reconstructed after the devastating floods in 2021.

We also went to see the bridge object on road III/3121 in the village of Jarabina, which after the floods showed significant static disturbances at the edges of both abutments, including concrete disintegration. From a technological point of view, it was necessary to build it completely anew, create new drainage, reinforced concrete ledges and install polymer concrete prefabs.

The total amount of all investment actions in this valley, financed by the Prešov self-governing region, exceeded 800,000 €.

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