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Offer to sell off the fruit harvest

22. August 2022
Daniel Guľaša

In accordance with § 9 par. 2 of Act NR SR no. 446/2001 Coll. on the property of higher territorial units in the current version and in accordance with the Principles of management and handling of PSK property in the current version. SÚC PSK publishes the following offer for the sale of PSK assets:


Management and maintenance of roads PSK, Jesenná 14, 080 05 Prešov (VAT TIN: – VAT non-payer)

Subject of sale

Fruit harvest from trees around roads II. and III. classes in the administration of the SÚC PSK within individual PSK districts

Method of sale

Direct sale. Before applying for a sale, the applicant will conduct an inspection within the relevant district, in order to determine the amount of fruit collected and the price within the individual PSK districts.

Harvest time

August – November 2022


300, 00,- €

Information about the subject of the sale

Road management and maintenance PSK, Jesenná 14, 080 05 Prešov, e-mail: prevadzka@sucpsk.sk

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