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Open door day of SÚCPSK

10. September 2022
Daniel Guľaša

SÚC PSK, as part of the Days of Slovak Roadmen, which took place this year in Prešov, organized an open day for the general public on September 9, 2022, with a rich program, which attracted hundreds of experts and professionals from the roadmen’s “trade” and enthusiasts of road technology.

In the morning, drivers from all over Slovakia convinced us of their road driving skills at the all-Slovak road rodeo competition in winter maintenance driver skills driving, in which drivers from our region took 1st and 3rd place and will represent us at the international competition in Budapest in two days.

The rich program further consisted of

  • putting into use 10 pieces of newly purchased SÚC PSK technology with a total value of more than 1 mil. €
  • exhibitions and presentations of SÚC PSK mechanisms necessary for the maintenance of roads, bridges and cycle paths
  • technical exhibitions of the organization’s contractual suppliers in the field of road infrastructure
  • presentations of current projects of the organization implemented in the field of modernization and development of PSK road and cycling infrastructure
  • presentations of the organization’s investment and operational activities over the past 5 years

The musical group Drisľak and Dynamic from Osikov took care of making the road day more enjoyable, an interesting raffle, a poll about the most beautiful road and the most beautiful bridge of SÚC PSK, for our loved ones there was face painting, children’s bumper cars and they could also jump on the inflatable castle.

The participants of the SÚC PSK Open Day thus left the event not only “charged” with new knowledge and information in the field of road issues, more culturally enriched, but also richer for beautiful raffle prizes.

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