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28. April 2022
Daniel Guľaša

ℹ️ In April of this year, we started construction work on road III/3182 in the section Sabinov – Červená Voda (Sabinov district), which did not meet the requirements for safe, smooth and efficient transport.

👷‍♂️ As part of this investment event, we plan to carry out the following construction works:

▪️ removal of humus from road slopes, excavation of unpaved roadsides and excavation for subsoil replacement

▪️ milling of asphalt and base layers of the roadway, establishment of a roadway

▪️ expansion of the embankment body and backfilling of unreinforced shoulders

▪️ improvement of the subsoil at the site of the new road construction, establishment of an active zone of the road made of aggregate

▪️ establishment of a paved ditch

▪️ construction of a new road cover

▪️ strengthening the edges with aggregates, adding humus and grassing the slopes

▪️ installation of arresting and guiding devices

▪️ implementation of permanent traffic markings

💶 Financing of the building, the total cost of which is more than 273 thousand. €, is secured from the resources of the European Investment Bank.

📅 The planned completion of construction work is set for August 2022.

⚠️ During the implementation of the works, the following traffic restrictions will apply in the section Sabinov – Červená Voda:

⛔️ The road will be completely closed until June 30, 2022. The detour route will be provided through the villages of Pečovská Nová Ves – Jakovany – Červená Voda.

🚧 The road will be partially closed from July 1, 2022 until the construction works are completed. The traffic, which during this period of time will be led alternately in one lane in both directions, will be regulated by portable traffic signs. Road users must also expect a reduced permitted speed of 30 km/h.

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