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SÚC PSK and traffic police inspectorates took stock of their cooperation

24. April 2023
Daniel Guľaša

On April 20, 2023, a working meeting was held in the meeting room of the SÚC PSK, Prešov region, between the representatives of the SÚC PSK, the Regional Traffic Inspectorate of the Slovak Police Force in Prešov, as well as the district traffic police inspectorates performing their activities in the territory of the PSK. The aim of the negotiation was to evaluate the mutual cooperation between the concerned entities in the field of transport in all 13 districts of our region.

Constructive debates and discussions were also devoted to:

  • the dynamics of traffic accidents and the safety of road users
  • construction and traffic measures leading to the elimination of safety risks on accident-prone road sections
  • traffic restrictions and the flow of road traffic on the construction sites that are being implemented, including the planned investment actions of SÚC PSK
  • cooperation in the performance of road maintenance during the past winter period

After several hours of dialogue, the regional road inspectors and traffic officers of the Slovak Police Force came to the conclusion that it is necessary to continue not only the improvement, reconstruction and modernization of the PSK road infrastructure, but also the adoption of construction and traffic measures that will contribute to increasing the level of safety, comfort and smoothness of road traffic. traffic.

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