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The first winter road maintenance of SÚC PSK in the winter season 2022/23

21. November 2022
Daniel Guľaša

The first winter road maintenance of SÚC PSK road workers in the 2022/2023 winter season, as in previous years, was carried out in the High Tatras region. SÚC PSK, Poprad region, which on November 9, 2022, promptly responded to the occurrence of freezing rain and the amount of snowfall, sent its own mechanisms into the field with the aim of removing defects in the drivability on the section of road I/66 Podspády – Lysá Poľana, namely through plowing and sprinkling the road with inert material. In order to ensure the drivability of roads in the region and to contribute to the safety of road users, regional road workers also carry out preventive spraying during these days, mainly in higher mountain areas and localities, thereby trying to eliminate the potential emergence of problematic or calamitous situations that could occur when climatic conditions worsen.

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