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The Snina district will be richer with a safer, better quality and more modern bridge

13. April 2023
Daniel Guľaša

Road traffic participants can observe intense traffic on the road section Stakčín – Jalová (Snina district) these days. The reason is the reconstruction work on the M1402 bridge (No. 558-009), which is currently in full swing.

The bridge over the Jalovský potok at the turnoff to the village of Jalová, which is being reconstructed after 65 years thanks to the financial resources of the Prešov self-governing region (approx. €415,000), is undergoing extensive restoration. Its lower structure is being completely reconstructed, including the bridge wings, supporting structure and bridge top.

Part´s of the construction work:

  • we will use 71 m3 of concrete
  • an area of 572 m2 will be asphalted
  • 133 m of steel barriers will be installed

The expected completion date of the bridge reconstruction is set for August 2023.

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