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Transferring practical experience to future engineers

6. April 2023
Daniel Guľaša

As part of the Memorandum on cooperation between the Prešov Self-Governing Region (PSK) and the Faculty of Construction of the Technical University in Košice, representatives of the Road Administration and Maintenance of the Prešov Self-Governing Region (SÚC PSK) gave an expert lecture on “Managing the quality of construction from practice”.

Students of the last year of full-time engineering studies had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the rich and practical experiences that the road workers of SÚC PSK acquired during the almost 20-year existence of the organization. Special attention was paid to processes and procedures in the implementation of project and technical preparation and the subsequent construction and reconstruction of roads and bridge structures.

The lecture also included visual presentations, during which future engineers were introduced to one of the most financially expensive road projects in the region – the High Tatras project, as well as the profile of SÚC PSK with an emphasis on the expertise and professionalism of its employees, as well as on the role or the organization’s share in the improvement, upgrading and overall modernization of the road infrastructure of all 13 PSK districts.

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