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We are building a new bridge behind the village of Nižný Slavkov

25. November 2022
Daniel Guľaša

At the end of July of this year, we started the implementation of a technically demanding, but also financially expensive construction project – the construction of a new bridge building in the extra villa of the village of Nižný Slavkov (Sabinov district), transferring road III/3216 over the Kanišov stream.

Thanks to the favorable climate conditions in November, we can continue at the established pace. During the last period, the following works were carried out on the construction site:

  • demolition of the original bridge
  • excavation of transition areas and part of the lower structure of the bridge
  • preparation of the foundations of the underlying concrete and micropiles
  • construction of reinforced concrete supports up to the working joint
  • concreting of bearing blocks
  • installation of prefabricated beams

Planned works in the near future:

    • completion of the connecting plate and crossbars
    • concreting of the end wall and support wingsr
    • making a gravel-sand wedge and an embankment behind the supports
    • implementation of bridge deck waterproofing
    • realization of bridge ledges
    • adjustment of riverbed slopes and landscaping
    • placing road layers and installing other accessories of the bridge
    • removal of the bypass route
    • load test of the bridge and removal of the construction site

During the implementation of construction works, road traffic is led through a temporary bridge, which is simultaneously established next to the reconstructed bridge object.

The anticipated date of completion of construction works is tentatively scheduled for May 2023.

The construction is financed by the Prešov self-governing region from its own resources and its price is more than 1 million. €.

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