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We entered the final stage of the construction of a new bridge in the village of Krížovany

19. September 2022
Daniel Guľaša

These days, SÚC PSK started the final stage of the construction of a new bridge, crossing road III/3423 over the Krížovianka stream behind the village of Krížovany (Prešov district).

The main goal of the construction of the new bridge was the very poor (grade 6) structural and technical condition of its 52-year-old “predecessor”, which had to be demolished due to significant defects and deficiencies.

As part of this SÚC PSK investment event, the following construction works still remain to be carried out:

  • backfilling and compaction of transition areas behind the bridge
  • construction of part of the insulation of the bridge deck under the cornices and construction of cornices
  • building an insulation system on the rest of the bridge deck and drainage of the insulation surface
  • production of insulation protection and road cover
  • installation of security devices
  • applying unifying coating of concrete structures
  • carrying out a load test of the bridge and removing the construction site

The estimated completion of construction works is tentatively scheduled for October 2022.

The building, the total cost of which is calculated at almost 600 thousand €, financed by the Prešov self-governing region.

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