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We started the reconstruction of the bridge in Nižný Hrušov

6. April 2023
Daniel Guľaša

Bridge M5872 (3733-005), crossing Hrušovský potok over road III/3733 in the village of Nižný Hrušov (district of Vranov nad Topľou), has been operational for more than 76 years. During this period, the ravages of time, as well as external influences, took their toll on its construction and technical condition, which until recently was very poor (sixth out of seven grades).

SÚC PSK, in the interest of eliminating the identified defects, but mainly for the sake of increasing the safety and comfort of road users, decided to restore this bridge through a complex reconstruction.

The construction work, which will last until June 2023, consists of demolishing the original supporting structure of the bridge and building a new bridge structure from prefabricated frame segments. In addition, the reconstruction of the road will also be started, which will include leveling the cover and laying an abrasive asphalt layer in a length of 380 m, including the application of joint spray.

The total cost of the building, which is financially covered by PSK resources, amounts to €284 824,14.

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