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We started with the modernization of the Smilno-Šarišské Čierne section

19. September 2022
Daniel Guľaša

The goal of the Road Administration and Maintenance of the Prešov Self-governing Region (SÚC PSK) within the road program for 2022 is to eliminate all emergency conditions on roads II. and III. class within the region, and at the same time regularly reduce the condition of road sections with unsatisfactory construction and technical condition.

One of these sections is the section of road III/3523 Smilno – Šarišské Čierne, on which SÚC PSK records extensive potholes and unevenness, as well as the breakdown of the wear layer of the road.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned goal, the organization is repairing this section by laying a new abrasive layer of the road made of penetrating macadam, which is being implemented these days.

Construction work on this section will last until the end of this week, during which there will be traffic restrictions in the form of a complete road closure.

The total costs for the modernization of this more than 3.2 km long section amount to approximately €400,000.

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