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Preparedness of SÚC PSK for winter road maintenance 2022/23

2. November 2022
Daniel Guľaša

Winter road maintenance (ZÚC) will be organized in 7 areas (Bardejov, Humenné, Poprad, Prešov, Stará Ľubovňa, Svidník, Vranov nad Topľou) in the winter of 2022/2023, their 18 journeymanships and 5 extended workplaces (Vernár, Podspády, Malý Lipník) , Hanušovce nad Topľou, Holčíkovce).

  • roads in the administration of the National Highway Company and the Slovak Road Administration – 663,06 km
  • roads of II. and III. grade – 2 408,32 km
  • purpose-built roads – 27,33 km

The SÚC PSK’s own mechanization will react to the climatic conditions during this year’s winter period, i.e. 108 spreader vehicles, 50 loaders, 43 tractors with a plow, 1 tractor with a plow and spreader, 12 snow blowers, 4 graders, as well as 9 reserve spreader vehicles in case of extraordinary snow disaster situations, or malfunctions of deployed mechanisms.

From the point of view of personnel security, ZÚC will employ 324 drivers, 72 machinists to operate loaders, 25 tractor drivers and 76 dispatchers in three-shift continuous operation.

The main priority of the organizational components will be to ensure the mitigation of defects in the accessibility, which will be caused by unfavorable winter climatic conditions. The mechanisms of regional road workers will perform the following tasks in the field:

  • ploughing,
  • sprinkling with chemical material,
  • sprinkling with inert material,
  • sprinkling with mixed material,
  • sprinkling with moistening.

At the same time, in order to protect roads from the formation of snow tongues and drifts, the employees of SÚC PSK will install, within the region, more than 16,530 m of anti-snow barriers (so-called snow barriers).

From the point of view of material security, regional road users will use ZÚC:

  • 17 yards for chemical sprinkling material with a capacity of 16,360 t,
  • 21 yards of inert sprinkling material with capacity 32 366 t,
  • 253 t of ecological sprinkling material.

Mitigation of defects in the passability of roads will be ensured by the mechanisms of SÚC PSK within 108 work areas in all 13 districts, which will be strategically located throughout the region. The individual working areas of the spreading vehicles are created in such a way that they take into account not only the geographical distribution of the road masters, the very length of the roads maintained by them, but also the technical capacities and capabilities of the spreading vehicles they have at their disposal.

The quality of road accessibility, as well as weather conditions, will be permanently monitored by 53 meteorological stations and cameras located throughout the region. They will monitor not only the visual condition of the road surface, but also the current temperature and air humidity, as well as the direction and speed of the wind. All this information will be available not only on the website – www.zjazdnostpsk.sk, but also through the mobile application “Weather on PSK Roads”.

From November 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023, a non-stop central dispatch and intelligence service will be available to road users on the toll-free number 0800 500 222, which they can contact in case of any problems on the roads in PSK territory.

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