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A new retaining wall behind the village of Vaniškovce

21. April 2023
Daniel Guľaša

SÚC PSK, as road administrator of II. and III. classes on the territory of PSK, sensitively perceives the issue of the safety of road users. This is evidenced by the organization’s investment actions, which are aimed at eliminating safety risks on roads that threaten its users.

One of such investment actions was the rehabilitation of the landslide along road III/3495 behind the village of Vaniškovce (Bardejov district), which was recently completed. SÚC PSK, in the interest of stabilizing the affected slope, built a frame wall of wire stone baskets with a total length of 215 m.

Part of the construction work was also the implementation of a drainage pipe, the main function of which, in case of deterioration of climatic conditions, will be ensuring the rapid drainage of rainwater and stormwater.

The realization of this building would not be possible without the financial support of the Prešov self-governing region, which allocated more than 200,000 for this purpose. €.

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