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New asphalt in the district. Vranov nad Topľou

3. May 2023
Daniel Guľaša

SÚC PSK in the interest of streamlining, speeding up and improving the quality of the road repair and maintenance process II. and III. classes in the territory of PSK this year also relies on the help of its own professional capacities, which also includes an asphalt crew. This year, it has planned to restore the wear layers of roads with a total length of approximately 22 km in all 13 districts of the region.

The first roads in which the mechanisms of the SÚC PSK asphalt paving team bit into for the first time this year were roads III/3617 and III/3622 in the district. Vranov nad Topľou. Thanks to the team, new asphalt carpets were laid in the section Komarany – Jastrabie nad Topľou (381 m) and on Prešovská st. (432 m) in the inner city of Vranov nad Topľou.

To repair the given sections of SÚC PSK used more than 718 t of asphalt concrete, while applying binding asphalt spray on an area measuring 6,199 m2.

The total cost of construction works amounted to approximately €82,000. The SÚC PSK used PSK resources to restore the affected section.

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