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We are stabilizing the landslide of the road behind the village of Čabiny

12. April 2023
Daniel Guľaša

Due to the influence of erosion processes, as well as increased movement activity of underground and rainwater, deformation of the road body in the form of longitudinal cracks, subsidence of the roadway, and at the same time two shallow landslides occurred on road II/559 in the extravilla of the village of Čabiny (Medzilaborce district).

SÚC PSK, in the interest of removing the detected defects and for the reason of ensuring the safety of drivers, decided to comprehensively reconstruct the section of the road in question, through:

  • construction of a retaining wall with a length of 60 m
  • construction of new structural layers of the road body (160 m)
  • improvement of drainage conditions on the road surface

The technologically complex construction work, which is scheduled for completion in November 2023, is being implemented thanks to the resources of the Prešov self-governing region. Their total cost is more than €703,000.

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