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We breathed new life into the 76-year-old bridge in the village of Okrúhle

18. July 2022
Daniel Guľaša

In the Svidník district, in the inner city of the Okrúhle village, road users can now safely and comfortably drive on the newly reconstructed bridge object M3121 (No. 3535-002), which until recently showed significant malfunctions and deficiencies.

The single-span bridge, which was built in 1946, underwent a complete reconstruction during the last 150 calendar days. The focus of construction work was on:

  • milling and reconstruction of the road before and behind the bridge
  • channel piping
  • the layout of engineering networks
  • complete demolition of the bridge
  • construction of the foundation structures of the bridge, supports, supporting structure and transition areas of the bridge
  • cleaning of the river bed and landscaping under the bridge and in its surroundings
  • establishment of new bridge drainage, bridge deck insulation and drainage drainage channels
  • production of monolithic reinforced concrete ledges
  • installation of safety devices
  • construction of the roadway structure on the bridge and service access stairs at both end supports of the bridge
  • implementation of horizontal and vertical traffic markings

The total cost of the construction works, which were spent on the reconstruction of the bridge, reached more than 184 thousand. €. Financing was provided from the resources of the Prešov self-governing region.

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